Lake cruises and group charters on Coniston Water in the Lake District
Photo: Coniston Launch

Coniston Launch - access


We have made our launches more accessible to those with mobility problems. There are handrails on both boats and we have modified our Coniston and Torver jetties so that they are floating pontoons that maintain a constant height - level with the gunwale of the launches. Whilst we cannot offer full wheelchair access we can carry small folding wheelchairs and are happy to assist any disabled person to board the boat.


We are happy to carry dogs on board both our boats, they are allowed in the cabins, but NOT on the seats! Please note that you can take a dog around Brantwood garden - but not inside the house (there is a tying rail there for your (its?) use. We charge 50p for a dog (free to working guide dogs) on any of our journeys. The founders of Coniston Launch owned Flatcoated Retrievers, and you could find Saga, Folly or Epic aboard the boats. In recognition of the enjoyment that these dogs gave to the vast majority of our customers all Flatcoated Retrievers still travel FREE of charge!


We are happy to carry your pushchair provided we have the space. From simple beginnings these devices have become technological masterpieces, however the designers seem to have neglected true 'foldability', particularly on the 'trike' type. Because of the space they take up, and their awkwardness we are now charging 1.00 for all but the very smallest and folded pushchair. Please note that we cannot be responsible for the various 'baby things' like milk bottles that have a tendency to leap into the lake!